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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Viking tattoos-manly and thuggish

ancient viking tattoosviking tattoos designsA Viking is a type of Norse explorers which can also be called a warrior, pirates and merchant. The actual symbolic meaning of Viking-tattoos is still unknown but several symbols for their times are famous till date.

Some of them include crosses, triskeles and swastiks to knot work designs. Viking tattoos can also be combined with tribal to Celtic or dragon to skull designs. They will look very unique and attractive at the same time.

These tattoos are small in size and hence can be inked on any part of the body. So go ahead and ink some ancient culture on your body.

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Cheryl cole tattoo designs

cheryl cole tattoos
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Mermaid tattoos-get the mystical look

mermaid tattoos designsmermaid tattoos imagesMermaids are meant to be extremely beautiful and mysterious at the same time. By getting mermaid tattoos you will also be able to show your feminine beauty to the world in a better way.

They are supposed to be existing in story books and the character is famous for its memorizing beauty. Mermaid tattoos generally have long haired creatures which has the lower body of a fish and the upper body of a female.

You can blend the mermaid tattoos with a watery background or can add corals, treasure chest and fishes along with the mermaid. The tattoo artist can make use of many colors to make it look pretty on your body.

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Lady Gaga new unicorn tattoo on thigh

female celebrity tattoo design
lady gaga new thigh tattoo
lady gaga 2010 tattoo design
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